This is the primary site that band, choir, and orchestra directors visit when researching music to purchase.  You can listen to many pieces, browse solo music for your instrument, see what our band music costs (WOW!), or maybe order a must-have part for that one piece that is your absolute FAVORITEST!

     This is a VERY thorough site.  Pick the range of the note that you want (is it in the low, middle, or upper range?), then click on his link to that specific chart.

     This is the most complete fingering chart system that I've ever seen.  Complicated, but it has TONS of fingerings!!!

ALL percussionists should be pouring over these links.

Drummers need not worry about them.


Schools of Music

The "Block P" is the oldest marching band formation

Director of Bands Williams "Spots" Emrick was the first to break with the traditional military-oriented "rank-and-file" marching style way back in 1907!

Louisville Youth Orchestra:


     The LYO, founded in 1958, provides an extraordinary musical experience for young people from grade school through age 21. The LYO is made up of four orchestras, an elementary string program, and various ensembles in which students advance according to their own musical progression and interests. There are nearly 350 musicians from 60 schools and 15 counties in the Louisville & Southern Indiana metro area.

     Musicians are required to participate in their school instrumental music programs and must take private music instruction. Financial scholarships for instruction are available and awarded based on need. Performance opportunities provide a wide range of meaningful experiences from September through June each year.