Some of our successes...
     I find it difficult to document the most important and monumental successes in our room; the every-day growth and victories as students hone skills and discover that they can do truly amazing things that they had no idea that they would be able to achieve.

Presentinthe 2016

Light-Up Louisville

Mayor's Band of the Year!!

Sixth Grade All-County,

     Well, the results are in.  We are VERY proud of ALL of our Bandlings who auditioned on March 8 at Newburg Middle School.  It took some courage to stand up and try-out!  CONGRATULATIONS to you all!  You're all better musicians, now, and are respected for it!

     Of the 298 students from all-over JCPS who auditioned, 113 were selected.

Of those, NINETEEN are from Meyzeek!

From February, 2018:

Solo & Ensemble:

     Congratulation, Meyzeek Bandlings, on a wonderfully successful showing at Solo & Ensemble Contest!

      Our results:

74 Division One Ratings (Distinguished)

23 Division Two Ratings (Advanced)

14 Division Three Ratings (Apprentice)

0  Division Four Ratings (Novice)

2 "Comments, Only" (Forgotten original, etc.)

     Congratulations to you ALL!  You've learned valuable lessons, been inspired, and come away from this experience as not only better musicians, but better young men and women.

To say that I am proud of you is a vast understatement!