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     Please complete this at the beginning of the year, so we have enough chaperones for performances or other events.

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(Updated on March 13, 2019)


     Because of a bizarre PDF formatting situation, the dates on your PRINTED version of the All-County music may be different from the dates on the SCREEN version!

     The dates on the PDF you see on your SCREEN should be correct: March 7, NOT the 8th.


6th Grade


Music, Times, Location


General Information
    Many questions are answered in our handbook.  Parents AND students are required to sign the Band Pledge on the last page and return it to Mr. Daniel by the date given in class.

     Our handbook covers:
     Contact Information
     Expectations and Procedures
     Trips and Performances
     Instrument Acquisition
     Ensembles Offered
     Private Lessons
     Concert Etiquette
     Band Pledge (Remember to return the LAST page to Mr. Daniel!)

     This year, we will be collecting a nominal $40 Band Fee from each student. The JCPS Board has approved that we collect up to $65 per student, but we feel that, at this point, this nominal amount will offset some of our more minor expenses in a more equitable manner.  Monies will be utilized for the purchase of one Polo-style shirt for performances.

     (Please remember to check the little box on the left side!)

     This is DIFFERENT from the Release that you found in your 1st Day packet, in that this is to be kept in the band office, not the main office.  THANK YOU!

      Challenges are utilized within the band program to motivate students to improve their musical and social skills.