Our 2022


has been scheduled for

Thursday, December 1

at 7 PM.

We are once again lucky enough to be the guests of Ballard High School, and their WONDERFUL Performing Arts Center!!

An email was sent to all parents and students on Friday, October 21 with more information, including call times and information about what to wear.

The band shirts will be distributed on Wednesday and early Thursday.

ALL Bandlings:

     The Weekly Practice Record form has been posted to the right.

     As described in the Band Handbook, these are to be completed as you practice during the week, and finalized on or before Sunday evening.  They are then submitted to the appropriate drawer in the Band room on the first day of the week.  The first Practice Record is due on Sept. 6 (a Tuesday, since there is no school on Monday the 5th).

     It should be noted that this system was well-established before I arrived at Meyzeek.  Post-quarantine (online schooling) I discontinued the Practice Records.  In discussion with students at the end of the 2021-2022 school year, it was agreed that, while they are a bit of a pain and an inconvenience, they DID make our band better.  



     It is NORMAL for parents and beginning Bandlings to have many questions.  Please go to the above "Beginners" and "Supplies" links for more information.  If you still have questions, please feel more than welcome to email me at


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Do NOT clean your instrument before going to our "CLEANING" page!

  • There is no need to fear that you will contract Covid-19 from your instrument, just like any illness, unless you have allowed someone to play it who is a carrier!  One of the instructions about your instruments included the rule that NOBODY is to handle your instrument.  (Remember? "If it's not yours, don't touch it!)  Now, it IS very logical that we should clean our instruments periodically.  If you haven't cleaned your mouthpiece for over a month, that should be a priority!

  • I have added a new page to our site dedicated to proper care and cleaning of your instruments.
  • Remember:  the hardest part of practicing is actually STARTING!  Putting the remote down can be TOUGH!  I get it!  But, with only 20 minutes per day, you will be amazed at how much you improve!

--Astronaut and Flutist

Catherine Coleman

Just a friendly reminder:

     Unless they have permission from the ensemble's director, members do NOT change their instruments.  No, this isn't an issue right now.  Quite honestly, it's just a simple reminder before it becomes an issue in the future.

     (It's akin to a football player deciding on their own that they aren't going to be a receiver, anymore, and they are going to, instead, be the quarterback.)

     The web hosts, school administration, Jefferson County Public Schools, and site administrator cannot be responsible for material found on links beyond this web site.  Every effort has been made to check web pages linked directly from this site for educational value, musical content, and instructional ethics.

Since January of 2016, you are visitor number:


Oct. 18

  • Map and pic of Ballard's PAC added to the left.

Oct. 17

  • Private Lesson Form Added to "Documents" tab
  • Winter Concert details added to the Homepage
  • "Current Pieces" tab updated

Sept. 6

  • Monday Blues Audition date corrected: Sept. TWELVE for guitar, bass, and piano
  • Practice Log link restored

Aug. 25

  • Practice Record form linked
  • Monday Blues Jazz Band audition information posted on the Home Page

Aug. 21

  • Band Handbook Linked
  • Special note to Beginning Band members.
  • Trumpet and Percussion pages activated on the "Instruments" page

Aug. 9

  • Major updates to the Home Page


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