The Band Handbook has now been posted (follow the blue link to the right).

     Bandlings, you have an assignment in Google Classroom.  Read the Handbook, have your folks at home read it, and sign the last page.

     The signed page must be returned to me by Friday, September 3.  If you do not have a printer at home, a copy of the signatory page will be provided on Monday, Aug. 30.

Beginning Band Parents!

     Welcome to our Band!  I know that you and your "Bandling" will grow a LOT as they progress through our ensembles, and I am confident that they will have a positive musical experience.  

     It is VERY normal to have a million questions about your child's involvement in band.  If you're feeling overwhelmed or apprehensive, you're in good company.  Rest assured that I've done everything humanly possible to make this a painless and as inexpensive process as possible!

     Your first step is to notice the tabs at the top of this screen.  See the one that says "Beginners?"  The top half of that page is packed with video instructions on how to assemble the instrument, how to sit properly, proper breathing, and playing the first note.  You can watch those with your Bandling at home, but we will be going over them in class in more detail.  (Side note: most every video I found on YouTube has errors!  Do NOT allow your Bandling to search for assembly videos...use the ones which I have linked!  Thank you!)

     Scroll down to the "Instrument Rental or Purchase" section of the "Beginners" tab.  This, especially, IS FOR PARENTS!  DO NOT RUN OUT AND BUY AN INSTRUMENT!  First of all, we have not had a chance to select them in class.  We consider many, MANY factors, including finger length, arm reach, lip and tooth structure, and a student's innate musical "ear."  Please allow us to work through the process, and your Bandling, their class, and I will come to an agreement on which instrument is best for them, as well as the entire band.  Meyzeek provides the largest and most expensive instruments, such as tuba, baritone, tenor sax, and large percussion.

     The next section of information you will want is located on the "Supply List" page.

You don't really NEED this page until we have our instrument assignments.  But, you need to know that it is there.  (I've set it up so that you can view it on your smart phone as you stand in the music store with a Bandling that has forgotten their list!  I'm sure that won't be YOUR kid, though!)  :-)

     To learn about the various ensembles and opportunities available to our Bandlings, check out the "Ensembles" page.

     The next page is a fun one.  Go to the "Recordings" tab.  Please select a random title or two, and enjoy.  If I'm wanting to get in touch with my humanity, I run to  "American Elegy."  Need to pump up my mood...I just love "Arabesque," "Bayou Breakdown," "Play!", or many others!  Need power?  Try "Wine Dark Sea!"

     Again, welcome to our band family!  I am very fortunate to be able to work with the greatest kids in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Please email me if there is any way that I might be of further assistance.

     -Mr. Daniel 


EVERY member of the band MUST have access to a tuner and a metronome!

(Percussionists do not need a tuner right now.)

Especially for the Beginning Band, we recommend an app that was written by a band director called "BANDMATE CHROMATIC TUNER."  It easily transposes the notes that your student plays on THIER instrument to the note name that they are playing.  (For example, a French Horn plays their F.  MOST apps and tuners will say "that was an A-sharp or a B-flat.  This leads to a LOT of confusion!  This app solves a problem faced by beginners on clarinet, trumpet, saxophones, and French horn!)

It is free, and available on both Apple and Android platforms.

     Another app which is used frequently is "Tonal Energy."  It's a paid app, but it is MUCH more powerful.  It includes a metronome, can transpose like the app above, can program the "met" to accelerate with each successive "loop," and even tracks your "practicing" (it really tracks how long it's on...)!  It does, however, take much more time to learn how to use properly, and is not usually easy for beginners to use.


Why join the

Meyzeek Band??

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Do NOT clean your instrument before going to our "CLEANING" page!

  • There is no need to fear that you will contract Covid-19 from your instrument, just like any illness, unless you have allowed someone to play it who is a carrier!  One of the instructions about your instruments included the rule that NOBODY is to handle your instrument.  (Remember? "If it's not yours, don't touch it!)  Now, it IS very logical that we should clean our instruments periodically.  If you haven't cleaned your mouthpiece for over a month, that should be a priority!

  • I have added a new page to our site dedicated to proper care and cleaning of your instruments.
  • Remember:  the hardest part of practicing is actually STARTING!  Putting the remote down can be TOUGH!  I get it!  But, with only 20 minutes per day, you will be amazed at how much you improve!

--Astronaut and Flutist

Catherine Coleman

Just a friendly reminder:

     Unless they have permission from the ensemble's director, members do NOT change their instruments.  No, this isn't an issue right now.  Quite honestly, it's just a simple reminder before it becomes an issue in the future.

     (It's akin to a football player deciding on their own that they aren't going to be a receiver, anymore, and they are going to, instead, be the quarterback.)

     The web hosts, school administration, Jefferson County Public Schools, and site administrator cannot be responsible for material found on links beyond this web site.  Every effort has been made to check web pages linked directly from this site for educational value, musical content, and instructional ethics.

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