Do NOT clean your instrument before going to our "CLEANING" page!

  • There is no need to fear that you will contract Covid-19 from your instrument, just like any illness, unless you have allowed someone to play it who is a carrier!  One of the instructions about your instruments included the rule that NOBODY is to handle your instrument.  (Remember? "If it's not yours, don't touch it!)  Now, it IS very logical that we should clean our instruments periodically.  If you haven't cleaned your mouthpiece for over a month, that should be a priority!

  • I have added a new page to our site dedicated to proper care and cleaning of your instruments.
  • Remember:  the hardest part of practicing is actually STARTING!  Putting the remote down can be TOUGH!  I get it!  But, there is so much to do so that we sound AWESOME when we return!

Teacher Summary Pages:
     You NEED to go to these pages FREQUENTLY--several times a week--to see what assignments you have in Google Classroom.  Parents, you do NOT need to sign-in to Google Classroom to see this.  This is for you to see what your student is to be working on during NTI.

What should we be practicing?

  • 7th & 8th Graders:  We have uploaded (with permission from the publishers) your music for our spring concert!  Log-on to your Google Classroom to get it!  In addition, there are exercises, scales, rhythmic patterns, flexibility drills, lip slurs, snare rudiments, and sight reading materials already in your folders (not so much the 6th Graders, but you have the book).

  • 6th Graders, your scale sheets and the End-of-Year prepared piece are on the "CoronaCation" Page.  Keep working forward in your EE book!

     Stay tuned, folks!

Practice, Practice, Practice!

And when you're done???
7th Grade Bandlings!

Thanks to one of your clarinet players, I've found a piece for your Spring Concert in 2021!

He suggested that we would like to listen to Antonin Dvorak's "Slovanic Dances," which is a great piece!  There is a and arrangement that "sits" well for us, too!

Just click on Antonin's face, and it will take you to JWPepper, where you can watch the score as you listen!

     We use the Remind! app for communication when time is an issue, such as last-minute questions for a performance, cancellation of a rehearsal, etc.

     Remind! has made some changes over the summer.  Because of this, there are now individual codes for each class and Jazz Band, rather than just one for the whole Band Department.  Text the following codes to 81010 to enroll.  Once you do, you will be asked for your name ( nicknames!), then if you are the parent or student.
8th Grade Band: "@8Band2020"
7th Grade Band: "@7Band2020"
THIRD period 6th Grade: "@6thband3"
SIXTH period 6th Grade: "@6thband6"
Jazz Band: "@2020jazz"

     This year's Band Handbook is available online, below and on the "Documents" tab.  It is posted on the "Documents" tab for the entire year, and here for the first few weeks of school.

     Returning Bandlings must print the last page, complete it, and return it to Mr. Daniel by Sept. 3.

     NEW Bandlings will be given a hard-copy, and their last page is also due on Sept. 3.

Bandmate Chromatic Tuner

     EVERY musician must develop their ears.  It is necessary that all of us be able to play every note on our instruments "in tune."  That is, our sound waves are physically synchronized with the sound waves of our fellow Bandlings.

     This app was written by a band director.  It is simple to use, and best of all, it is FREE.  PLEASE use it, or purchase a hand-held tuner from a music store!

Click here 

--Astronaut and Flutist

Catherine Coleman

Just a friendly reminder:

     Unless they have permission from the ensemble's director, members do NOT change their instruments.  No, this isn't an issue right now.  Quite honestly, it's just a simple reminder before it becomes an issue in the future.

     (It's akin to a football player deciding on their own that they aren't going to be a receiver, anymore, and they are going to, instead, be the quarterback.)

     The web hosts, school administration, Jefferson County Public Schools, and site administrator cannot be responsible for material found on links beyond this web site.  Every effort has been made to check web pages linked directly from this site for educational value, musical content, and instructional ethics.

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